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email notifications not being sent: formbuilder

we have 2 forms we use extensively as contact forms 1 has stopped getting email notifications entirely, the 2nd is intermittment and when they come in the format has been altered. app status page reports no problems which has happened before and is very frustrating.

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We’re having the same issue!! It’s becoming urgent as we are not aware of new business! No emails on any of our forms - and no response to our emails with support!

yeah, particularly hate that their app status page indicates there are no problems because then you think the problem is on your end. Shopping for new solutions other than Hulk as we speak.

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I agree - so disappointing. Not even any acknowledgement, awful service!

I have the same issue. But no resolution so far. I change to Microsoft Exchange last year, unaware this would affect this contact form. Not sure any one can resolve this as Hulk is not able to.
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