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Shopify Apps

Do you use any Shopify marketing and promotional apps or Shopify functionality extending apps? Have an idea on how we can help you grow your business? Share it away.

l am new here and thinking of customizing the broadcast theme in Shopify, how is do l do to start. We have a sketch we want code after. Many thanks for all info. 

Make an app that lets user be able to adjust what happens when customers press "Add to cart"
Many themes do not offer the option of user staying on product page, but instead only offer so that user goes directly to cart when he adds product to cart, or opens drawer. 
I had to change the code myself in order to have the customer stay on the product page and show text "Product added to cart - View cart or view other items"
implementing this with also having the customer choose visual changes to the add to cart button when pressed (like shake, fade between colors, text changes etc) would be a bonus to.

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